Friday, September 15, 2017

Requirements of Java EE 7 Enterprise Applications

The Java EE technology elements

Java EE specifications incorporates a group of other technologies and specifications to provide server-side functionalities for enterprise application developers

  • application components: these components allow creation of application business logic and control elements
  • integration: integration elements allow to interact with the functionalities from other applications and systems
  • container management: these elements provide runtime support for Java EE application components

Java EE Containers

Java containers

  • the java EE application components live in containers where they get runtime support.
  • there are three types of Java containers: application client container, web container and EJB container

Separation of Business Logic from Services

The Java EE platform separates application components from platform services:

  • the application component developer builds the application's business logic
  • the Java application component server provides common functions required by the application in form of services

Java Service Categories

The Java components rely on container based services and platform services for operations that are not related to the application's business logic. The Java EE services can be grouped in categories and subcategories:

The Java EE platform supports services such as:

  • Deployment-based services: use a deployment based service with a deployment descriptor file or with Java annotations.

    Deployment-based services include:

    • Persistence
    • Transaction
    • Security
  • API-based service: use an API-based service programmatically in the code of your components.

    APIs-based services include:

    • Naming
    • Messaging
    • Connector

A Java EE container support services such as:

  • Inherent services: the container automatically supplies inherent services to components.

    Inherent services include:

    • Life-cycle
    • Threding
    • Remote object comunication with RMI and Corba
  • Vendor specific functionality: vendor specific funtionalities are features added to Java specifications
    • vendor specific funtionalities include Clustering

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